man and therapist, tennessee addiction treatment centerTennessee addiction treatment is the answer for those who struggle with a substance abuse issue. It’s not your fault. Rather, it’s a chronic disease that responds well to treatment. Here’s how Encore Health Group therapists can help you.

Why Do You Need A Tennessee Addiction Treatment Center?

For many adults, there’s an underlying mental health challenge that they don’t know about. It could be depression or schizophrenia. Maybe you’re dealing with a traumatic situation from the past. This traumatic event could be the reason for the mental health crisis in your life.

However, only a few people receive a formal diagnosis. There are far more who struggle daily with the symptoms. You know that something doesn’t feel right in your life. Maybe there are some thoughts that you wish didn’t come up at inopportune moments. Or perhaps some emotions seem to come out of nowhere.

You’ve tried everything you could think of to quiet them. That’s when you eventually reached for a drug or alcohol. For a little while, self-medicating in this way actually worked. You felt better. Similarly, you seemed to be able to deal with the underlying situation.

However, you then reached a tipping point. One morning, you noticed that you woke up to the shakes. They wouldn’t go away until you had a drink. Maybe you realized that you suddenly had extreme cravings for the drug. You couldn’t think of anything else.

Mental health treatment is the answer to this situation. You may be struggling with a co-occurring condition that’s making it difficult for you to function. At the Tennessee addiction treatment center, you learn to manage the underlying illness. It empowers you to deal with substance abuse triggers differently.

Dealing With Pain During Your Tennessee Addiction Treatment

For others, the problem arose when they started taking pain pills. Government officials estimate that more than 6% of American adults abuse opioids. Perhaps you started taking them to see if you could get high. Maybe you kept taking them for the side effects.

Now, you can’t stop. Whenever you try, there’s the pain of withdrawal. Of course, it goes further than that. You might still have an underlying pain problem to deal with. That’s why Encore Health Group operates Spectrum Pain Clinics. There, you work with specialists who help you find new ways of managing your pain. Treatments include:

If pain is the reason for your drug addiction, it makes sense to address it during your treatment for the dependency. Failure to do that would result in relapse. That’s why Encore Health Group does a thorough assessment at the beginning of care to map all possible dependency triggers.

Enrolling in Care at the Tennessee Addiction Treatment Facility

What sets Encore Health Group apart from so many other facilities is the commitment to outpatient mental health treatment. You don’t have to move into the facility to overcome chemical dependency. Instead, you can work with therapists who customize a care protocol just for you. This pertains to mental and physical health interventions.

Find out more about your options today by contacting the Encore Health Group. We have five locations near Chattanooga, Tennessee.