Signs of Depression You Should Know

Depression is common, but it is usually misunderstood. Sometimes, you may suspect you or a loved one is experiencing depression, but you’re not sure what sets it apart from regular feelings of sadness. This is why it’s important to know the most common signs of depression and get help from a Tennessee mental health treatment center.

Feeling unloved, hopeless, or sad is a normal part of life. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way from time to time, especially when you face unfortunate events such as a death in the family or a breakup. However, depression can appear for no reason, and it can develop at a random point in your life. For someone dealing with substance abuse, depression can be more dangerous since there is a need for dual diagnosis.

Signs of Depression

Here are the common telltale signs of depression and need to seek a depression treatment center.

Losing Interest in Things You Love

Depression is like a black hole that takes away all your enjoyment in things you used to love doing. Withdrawing yourself from activities you enjoyed, such as sports, going out with peers, and hobbies is a telltale sign of depression.

Feeling Hopeless

Depression is a mood disorder that will negatively affect the way you feel about life. Feeling helpless or hopeless is a common symptom of this disorder. For some people, they may feel inappropriate guilt or even self-loathing. 

Depression is a common co-occurring disorder in someone facing addiction. Someone who is depressed may also think that things are always their fault or the purpose of their life. Encore Health Group is here to offer a co-occurring disorders treatment program so you can get the help you need.


One of the reasons why you do not feel excited about the activities you used to love is because it may be that you feel tired. Depression is characterized by a lack of energy, as well as overwhelming fatigue. This debilitating symptom could encourage you to sleep all day. Depression can also be sometimes linked with insomnia. 


When a person lacks quality sleep, they may feel more anxious. This troubling symptom will make you unable to focus on anything. Watch out for signs that include:

Uncontrollable Emotions

It is common for a depressed person to exhibit sudden outbursts of anger, and then the next minute, they’re crying even though there is nothing that prompted the change in their emotions. Because of the changes in the body, one’s emotions can be up and down without notice.


Depression affects males and females differently. Research indicates that men who are depressed are more likely to become irritable, exhibit risky behavior, turn to substance abuse, or have misplaced anger. Men are also less likely to recognize the symptoms of depression. Therefore, they often do not seek treatment at a mental health and substance abuse treatment center.

Unexplained Pain

Depression does not just affect one’s mental state but also their physical wellbeing. If a person is having unexplained aches or pains, this can be a sign of depression. The most common symptoms include backaches, joint pain, and bloating.

Weight Changes

When someone is experiencing depression, it normal for them to experience changes in their appetite and weight. Someone may have an increased need to eat food, which will make them gain weight, while others will not be hungry, and will, therefore, lose weight.

Thinking About Death

Depression can be connected to suicide. People who end their lives due to depression show symptoms first or might ask someone to talk about their problem before they make any attempt to commit suicide. If you are noticing these signs in a friend or loved one, seek help immediately before they harm themselves or hurt another person.

Seek Help Now

If support from friends and family is not enough to get you out of a downward spiral, it may be best if you seek help from a professional. Encore Health Group offers effective treatments to help with the signs of depression. For more information, call our experts today.

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