doctor recommends encore health and wellness to patientEncore Health and Wellness provides a thorough approach to your mental wellness. Encore Health Group professionals understand your needs and offer a variety of outpatient options and methods for your mental health and addiction recovery treatment. At Encore, you and your family gain the individualized care you need and deserve.

Your mental illness or addiction makes you feel powerless, alone and out of control. But at Encore Health and Wellness, you do have control over your mental health, wellness, and future. Learn about Encore Health Group.

Your Recovery Is Our Goal

Your mental health or addiction symptoms rule your life right now, but the specialists of Encore Health and Wellness want you and your family to gain the stability, happiness, and wellness you need for a fulfilling, productive and enriched life. That life is possible with the right treatment. Your right treatment starts here today.

Forget the hurdles you face in daily life. Ignore your fears about getting the help you need. These problems and worries come from not having the help you need. Help is support, guidance, patience and focus on your unique needs. At Encore Health Group, our mission is to give you all the help you need in overcoming mental health and substance use disorders.

Everyone at Encore Health Group understands that you need individualized attention and care. After all, you have individual needs. This is why our professionals work hard to get to know you. We also respect your patient rights and your need to have a voice in your treatment, goals, counseling, and recovery.

One of the biggest problems in mental health and addiction recovery treatment today is how patients like you get the help you need. Many people feel confused, misunderstood and unaware of their condition, treatment plan, and financial options. Contact Encore Health Group where everyone works together to help you understand processes and programs, every step of the way.

Conditions Encore Health and Wellness Treats

Encore Health and Wellness treats a wide range of psychiatric disorders and mental health conditions. Specialists of the Encore Health Group also provide treatment for substance abuse and addiction. You receive this treatment on an outpatient basis while continuing to live your daily life and maintaining contact with your family and friends.

Some of the many conditions Encore treats include:

With help from Encore professionals, you gain a transparent approach to your behavioral health needs. This treatment focuses on you but includes your loved ones to foster a better understanding of your unique needs in your daily life. You never stand alone in your recovery. When you achieve your wellness goals and your outpatient treatment ends, you have the continued support you need through aftercare programs.

Contact Us Now for the Wellness You Deserve

Starting any mental health or medical treatment is scary. This is also true if your loved one needs your help finding behavioral health or addiction recovery support. Treatment is nothing to fear when you gain this help from caring professionals who consider your individual needs most important.

You need and deserve professionals who communicate with you and help you understand your recovery goals. Only through mental health treatment you believe in, will you obtain the lasting, fulfilling wellness and future you truly want.

For yourself or someone you love who suffers mental illness, behavioral health problems or addiction, contact Encore Health and Wellness now. Do not let fear keep you from what you truly want and need. Make an appointment by calling and let Encore help you start down your path to recovery now.