father and son embrace after mental health treatment TN In your need for mental health treatment in TN, you do not stand alone. In fact, 20 percent of adults in the U.S. need this type of therapy in their lifetime. Too many people experience common effects of mental health problems without getting the treatment they need. Encore Health Group understands your mental health needs and provides essential treatment services for a stable, happy and fulfilling life.

Mental Health Treatment in TN

Encore Health and Wellness provides the mental health treatment centers in Tennessee you need for healthy, stable days ahead. The primary goal of this therapy is for you to experience a balanced life without symptoms of your mental illness. Your Encore specialists provide the individual counseling, treatment and recovery services you need.

Encore Health Group’s Health and Wellness Services provide a comprehensive approach to your mental health. Encore offers mental health and substance abuse treatment through new patient appointments, follow-up care, and outpatient drug and alcohol detox.

Our mental health treatment in TN includes help for a wide range of behavioral disorders, including:

Getting the Help You Need

If you experience a psychiatric emergency, visit your nearest hospital emergency room. You also need this immediate help if you think you may hurt yourself or another person. If you cannot get to an ER on your own, call 911 for emergency assistance.

At Encore Health Group you first go through a mental health evaluation. If you suffer addiction with a mental health problem, you have co-occurring conditions. These conditions gain treatment at the same time.

Your mental health evaluation includes questions you answer in a comfortable conversation with your treatment provider. It also includes observation by mental health professionals and other tests. Your doctors use mental health evaluation to understand your needs, thoughts, and behaviors. This review also helps in some additional ways, including the development of an individualized treatment plan.

Of course, your evaluation helps identify some causes of your mental problems. It also helps behavioral professionals understand the severity of your condition and whether you need immediate help. The individualized treatment plan developed after your evaluation ensures you receive the level of care your situation requires, while also keeping you and your mental health professionals on track toward treatment goals.

How Long Mental Health Treatment in TN Lasts at Encore

Your treatment at Encore is voluntary. You come to Encore’s mental health treatment centers to fix problems you suffer in daily life. Your recovery also includes a variety of treatment methods designed to treat you as an individual, not a condition. You have power and also a voice in your treatment and recovery.

Together with your behavioral treatment professionals, you learn about your mental illness and how to control your symptoms for better balance in your life. At Encore, you and your family gain the individualized help you need to reach your treatment goals. You learn to work harder for the recovery and wellness you want. Through this customized treatment, you achieve more goals and gain more opportunities for personal growth.

Encore Health Group for Your Best Behavioral Health Treatment

Behavioral health includes your emotions, behaviors and how your physical wellness affects your mental state, ability to function in everyday life, and how you think about yourself. Encore’s behavioral health services also include help for substance abuse and addiction through outpatient detox.

Encore accepts Medicare and private insurance. The treatment you need for better mental health and wellness is only one step away. Contact Encore Health Group now at for the mental health treatment in TN you need for a better life.