You know that something’s not right. The way you feel about yourself and others seems to change continuously. Relationships suffer as a result. Connecting with one of our borderline personality disorder treatment centers could offer mental health treatment and hope you’re looking for.

What’s a Borderline Personality Disorder Like?

Young girl learns of the borderline personality disorder treatment centers in TennesseeEncore Health Group specialists routinely work with good people just like you. The borderline personality disorder treatment Tennessee counts on begins with therapists who understand you. They recognize that you struggle with self-image issues and extreme mood swings.

Because you have problems with maintaining relationships, there’s the underlying fear of being alone. Before others hurt you, you may lash out in anger. You don’t mean to do it. There’s just something that prevents you from acting in the ways that you want.

The Best Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Centers Put a Diagnosis First

You may already suspect what you’re dealing with. However, the outpatient mental health counseling Tennessee can rely on requires a detailed diagnosis. During a meeting with a therapist, you outline the situation the way you see it. The specialist may ask you some questions.

Many of these questions will focus on your relationships and moods. Others encourage you to discuss impulsive behavioral issues. If you notice that you have a problematic time charting a course in life, be sure to mention it. Once the expert diagnoses you officially, it’s time to consider a treatment protocol.

Care Approaches That Show a Lot of Promise for BPD Treatment

Encore Health Group is one of the BPD treatment centers that customize care approaches. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Treatments might include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy at one of our borderline personality disorder treatment centers to focus on dysfunctional connections
  • Dialectical behavior therapy that gives you tools for controlling intense and interfering emotions
  • Psychotherapy in a one-on-one setting that empowers you to talk through relationship situations and set goals
  • Group therapy as a tool for anger management and similar concerns
  • Medication management that may include antipsychotics and mood stabilizers

As you continue to work with a therapist, you may notice that there are some secondary conditions. For example, some people with the condition develop substance abuse problems. Frequently, this happens because you self-medicate for the depression or anxiety you experience. By taking away this trigger, it’s possible to overcome chemical dependency.

Others struggle with impulsive behaviors that could potentially create problems. A good example is gambling. BPD treatment centers often use contracts with clients to curb the behavior temporarily. The goal is to empower you to make decisions rather than act out on impulse.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Help

Encore Health Group therapists understand that visiting borderline personality disorder treatment centers isn’t fun. You don’t want to admit that there’s a problem. Maybe you don’t feel like dwelling on an issue that caused you so much pain and upset. However, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

In contrast, it can lead to increasing and continuous problems. You may lose relationships that meant a lot to you. For some, there’s the danger of staying in abusive relationships when leaving would be the right decision. Without the borderline personality disorder treatment Tennessee can count on, then you may sink into a deep depression.

Next, there’s the risk of chemical dependency. You’re also trying to deal with symptoms and outcomes on your own. Eventually, you reach for chemicals that numb you to the problems. This action creates its own set of challenges.

Get on the Road to Healing

Enrolling in a program at one of our borderline personality disorder treatment centers won’t solve all your problems. However, it’ll help you deal with what’s going on. Besides that, it offers you real tools for making the kinds of changes that you want to see in your life. With the help of therapists, you may also be able to maintain your relationships and heal problems.

Find out more about treatment at our borderline personality disorder treatment centers. Encore Health Group therapists help put you in the driver’s seat of your healing experience. Schedule an appointment today!