Tennessee is home to some of the best obsessive compulsive disorder treatment centers in the country. Finding reliable treatment for mental health disorders is essential. In fact, this condition affects over 2.2 million adults in the United States. To make matters worse, people with this disorder are more likely to develop other problems, such as substance use disorder.

What Is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Woman receiving counseling at one of the best obsessive compulsive disorder treatment centers in TennesseeObsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition that can affect people of any age. Those who have it typically get caught in a cycle of obsessions and compulsions. Experts categorize these obsessions as intrusive thoughts, urges, or ideas. In most cases, they trigger some kind of compulsion.

If people with OCD don’t give in to the compulsion, the obsessive thoughts continue. Sometimes, the thoughts are so overbearing that they prevent people from thinking about anything else. Eventually, the obsession can lead to the development of other disorders and interfere with daily life.

Keep in mind that OCD is a mental health disorder. While everyone has some compulsive behaviors or obsessive thoughts, not everyone has OCD. Like any other disorder, OCD is a severe condition that requires a professional diagnosis and mental health services.

The Link Between OCD and Other Disorders

Once the brain develops a disorder, it becomes more susceptible to others. For example, people who need treatment for OCD typically struggle with anxiety and depression. The development of these problems generally is a direct result of the OCD.

Not seeking OCD treatment centers in Tennessee can lead to other problems as well. For example, those who don’t seek professional help typically turn to self-medication to manage the symptoms. As a result, the development of substance use disorder is common.

In fact, that’s why so many obsessive compulsive disorder treatment centers offer dual diagnosis treatment. This program helps people to deal with co-occurring disorders. For example, dual diagnosis treatment can help those who struggle with substance use and OCD.

What Are Some Common OCD Obsessions?

People who need obsessive compulsive disorder treatment in Tennessee may obsess about anything. However, most of them struggle with a few common obsessions, which include:

  • Contamination
  • Religious obsessions
  • Losing control
  • Sexual thoughts
  • Physical illness or disease

Having uncontrollable sexual thoughts is common in people with OCD. In most cases, they don’t want to have sexual thoughts. However, they’re unable to keep forbidden or perverse sexual thoughts out of their minds. Because of the compulsive side of OCD, these sexual thoughts can often land them in legal trouble.

Thankfully, obsessive compulsive disorder treatment centers can help. They teach people how to get their thoughts and compulsions under control using group and individual therapy in Tennessee. Also, they help people get to the root cause of the disorder, which is vital for the healing process.

What to Look For in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment Centers

When people look for obsessive compulsive disorder treatment in Tennessee, they should keep a few things in mind. Firstly, it’s crucial to find a center that also deals with depression and anxiety. These are two of the most common disorders that accompany OCD.

Also, it’s essential to find a center that can help with substance use. It’s not uncommon for people who struggle with OCD to also struggle with substance abuse. Often, they use drugs to manage their OCD symptoms.

Lastly, people should look for obsessive compulsive disorder treatment centers that can manage pain. Proper pain management is vital in helping people get over any mental disorder. After all, they might not have the option to use traditional pain pills. Instead, they need natural pain management options.

Reach Out to Encore Health Group

At Encore Health Group, we have five OCD treatment centers around Tennessee. However, it’s worth noting that our treatment centers don’t just help people with OCD. They treat a wide array of mental disorders, including substance use.

One reason our obsessive compulsive disorder treatment centers work so well is because of our programs. Encore Health Group strives to offer a little something for everyone. Some of these programs include:

Don’t let OCD keep you from living your life to the fullest. Seek help at one of our obsessive compulsive disorder treatment centers. Reach out to Encore Health Group today to make an appointment and learn what we can do for you.