Mature adults certainly have their hands full trying to deal with physical health issues as they get older. When a mental or emotional disorder jumps into the mix, life becomes a real challenge for them. One disorder that possesses the ability to interfere with a person’s quality of life is schizophrenia. For that reason, Encore Health Group maintains five Schizophrenia treatment centers in Tennessee.

How Schizophrenia Treatment Centers Make Diagnosis

Woman who needs the help of schizophrenia treatment centersIn our Tennessee Schizophrenia treatment centers, we offer a wide range of mental health treatment services. When a client enters our facilities, we immediately want to provide an accurate diagnosis if one does not already exist. There are five components we use in our Schizophrenia treatment centers to go about diagnosing Schizophrenia. They include:

  • A physical exam to rule out any physical health causes
  • Psychological and physical tests and screenings to evaluate symptoms
  • Psychiatric evaluation to study behaviors and thought processes
  • Accumulate all diagnostic information for evaluation
  • Make final diagnosis

Schizophrenia Treatment Centers – The Treatment Process

After we have a firm diagnosis of Schizophrenia, we can then begin the treatment process. Our outpatient Schizophrenia treatment centers employ an excellent group of highly-qualified mental health professionals. As for treating Schizophrenia, we also believe our outpatient mental health counseling Tennessee programs are among the best in Tennessee.

There are two facets to treating Schizophrenia: medication treatment and counseling. Selecting the right medication is always a real challenge because its something the client will be using long term. For example, the primary class of medications the doctors at our Schizophrenia treatment centers typically prescribe are anti-psychotics. These medications act to keep the client stable.

There are actually two generations of anti-psychotics. The first generation was in favor until doctors began to realize these drugs came with significant side effects. First generation drugs include Chlorpromazine, Fluphenazine, Haloperidol, as well as Perphenazine. The only advantage these first-generation drugs have over the second generation is affordability. Otherwise, psychiatrists much prefer to prescribe second-generation antipsychotics like Clozapine, Seroquel, Zyprexa, and Abilify.

Once the client is stable, counseling becomes more effective. In our Tennessee Schizophrenia treatment centers, our counselors use a variety of counseling options, depending on the client’s circumstances. The preferred treatment options include social skills training, individual therapy, and also family therapy. These same counselors also put a lot of focus on helping their clients develop better coping skills and support resources. Both of these things will be very important in the future. Why? The client will likely be dependent on others for the rest of their life.

Services Provided By Encore Health Group

In our outpatient schizophrenia treatment centers, we target clients over 50 years of age. Clearly, we offer a full range of mental health treatment services. What might not be clear is we maintain a pain management clinic. We also treat addiction issues from detox all the way through counseling. Here’s a snapshot of our services:

If you or a loved one are suffering from a mental disorder like Schizophrenia, treatment is a must. With the right kind of treatment, you or your loved one could regain a higher quality of life. When you are ready to seek treatment, you can do so at one of our Schizophrenia treatment centers. You can talk to one of our representatives at 731-265-6946. This one call could make a huge difference in someone’s life.