You may not know this, but there is a strong connection between substance abuse and addiction treatment and mental health disorders. Both often occur at the same time. When you have an addiction to substances and suffer from a mood disorder, like anxiety, you may have what’s known as a co-occurring disorder.

a man sitting against a wall in need of substance abuse and addiction treatmentSubstance Abuse and Addiction Treatment With Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction treatment with the professionals at Encore Health Group can help with both issues. The therapists at this Tennessee addiction treatment center understand how to spot this co-occurring condition and know the different ways to provide treatment. It can be hard to know which issue began first: an addiction to substances or a particular mood disorder.

Substance use disorders and mental health issues can come to light at the same time because of certain situations. The reasons why it can be difficult to know which came first can be due to a number of reasons. Some drugs, especially illegal substances, can lead to mental health symptoms, such as anxiety or depression. Someone who suffers from a mood disorder may begin taking substances in an effort to help themselves feel better. This may lead to substance addiction.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Can Occur Simultaneously

Getting help for addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder may seem overwhelming at first. The team at Encore Health Group takes each individual case seriously and treats both mental health and addiction issues at the same time. A professional will evaluate your mental and physical health. A team member will develop an individualized treatment plan for your immediate help and to get to the root causes of your issues.

Some of the behavioral disorders that often occur along with substance use include anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders. An addiction treatment center like Encore Health Group knows that you cannot cure substance addiction by yourself. Our professionals there use tools that will help you understand what is happening and give you the skills to overcome your pain and suffering.

The team at Encore Health Group helps those struggling with these issues by offering the following treatments and services:

  • Medications to help with withdrawal and other symptoms
  • Therapy to help you cope better while under treatment
  • Group therapy to connect with others in a similar situation
  • Support to treat your mental health disorder
  • Aftercare support

Treating just one issue, addiction does not solve the mental health disorder. Treating both issues at the same time is best for recovery and improvement to occur.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment For the Whole Person

When treating your substance addiction at our mental health treatment center in TN, we look more deeply at your issues because you are a unique individual. If you need help with an underlying mental health disorder, the professionals at this addiction treatment center understand the issues and methods to get you back on your feet.

The professionals at Encore Health Group provide you or a loved one with different options to fight addiction, depending on your situation. For example, they help with medication management to ease you through a detox period. Therapy, aftercare, and treatment for mental health disorders are all available in one setting.

Recovery from addiction and help with underlying mood disorders are just a phone call away at our outpatient health clinic. Take the time now to contact the friendly people at our mental health treatment center in TN.