When you’re looking for the right licensed professional addiction treatment center program in Tennessee, look to Encore Health Group. We welcome mature individuals ready to turn over a new leaf. We offer services that include:

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A Refuge from Addiction

Licensed professional at addiction treatment center in Tennessee talking with clientPoor ways of managing emotional or physical pain often leads to addiction. Our counselors and specialists will analyze your symptoms. We treat both types of pain and teach you coping mechanisms that will enable you to seize control of a drug-free lifestyle.

As you conquer your underlying symptoms, you will be able to better manage any depression or anxiety that you may have. Every patient receives an individualized care program designed to suit his or her needs. Even when you need a specialist referral, we will be sure to connect you with additional support to sustain your recovery.

Finding a Licensed Professional Addiction Treatment Program in TN for Pain Management

Long-term pain without the right pain management can lead to cycles of addiction. As the pain takes over, addiction fuels depression and other emotional disturbances. You may require nothing more than steroid injections and physical therapy to return the affected area to full strength. Still, we offer alternative therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic therapy. With interventional procedures and medication management, we can help you remember how your life was before the pain took over.

During the initial consultation, we’ll review the history and intensity of the pain in the affected area. Then, we’ll focus on the nerves causing the pain. Sometimes, that will require extra x-ray, fluoroscopy or ultrasound exams. We’ll help you to experiment with different pain relief solutions so you can better identify what relieves or aggravates your pain. Once we determine the best treatment method, we will develop a course of long-term treatment that suits you.

Chronic and acute pain can be especially challenging to treat. Sometimes, you won’t know the source of your chronic pain. If older adults don’t treat previous injuries, they may suffer from chronic pain down the line. Chronic pain can also be the result of fibromyalgia, neuropathy, migraines or arthritis. Chronic pain can occur even in people with no underlying conditions. With Licensed professional addiction treatment programs, like Tennessee chronic pain management, you can gain control.

Over time, symptoms of chronic pain expand to include loss of appetite, lethargy, muscle tension and muscle limitations. The intensity and duration of the pain you’re experiencing will affect whether you receive acute or chronic pain treatment services. Pain medication management therapy in TN is essential to avoid addiction to painkillers. It also protects you from inadvertently mixing medications, which can lead to unpleasant side effects. If you did not treat an injury correctly in the past, we will try to heal the injury itself. In the event healing is no longer a possibility, we’ll use pain management techniques. We’re committed to you.

Mental Health Treatment at a Licensed Professional Addiction Treatment Center in Tennessee

At our addiction treatment center in TN, we offer outpatient mental health counseling services in TN for anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, mood disorders, substance abuse and addiction. Encore does not offer emergency psychiatric services, so if you are experiencing an emergency, get yourself to a hospital immediately. Your first meeting with our specialists will be a mental health evaluation. We treat all of your co-occurring conditions simultaneously. We’ll then develop an individualized treatment plan to decide whether you’ll need gradual treatment or emergency help.

Symptoms of mental health disorders differ from person to person. People experiencing depression may avoid their friends and family, stop activities that they used to enjoy, be unable to focus or feel anxious. Suicidal thoughts and sleep disorders are also symptoms. You should seek help from the depression treatment center in TN if depression’s damaging your relationships or causing you problems at work. Depression is often a co-occurring disorder of substance abuse.

Don’t let physical or emotional pain control your life. If you’re tired of your goals taking a back seat to your addiction, you need the services of a licensed professional addiction treatment program in TN. Encore may be the resource you need.