Many life problems have parallels, even though they do not look similar at face value. These parallels often include the roots of problems, your thoughts and behaviors associated with those issues, and the help you need for healing. Although they seem like very different issues, addiction, mental health conditions, and physical pain are three such problems. Likewise, psychotherapy programs help you recover from each.

Problems in our lives often form web-like connections. These issues intertwine to the degree that you need help untangling the individual issues and overcoming them. Mental health conditions, addiction, and even physical pain intertwine in these ways. But through quality mental health and substance abuse treatment Tennessee trusts, including psychotherapy programs, you can stop the cycle of suffering and build a better life.

Role of Psychotherapy Programs in Addiction, Pain Management, and Mental Health Recovery

Woman opens up during psychotherapy programs in TennesseeAddiction, pain, and mental health problems affect your life, much like other relapsing diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, or asthma. Also, as with these other diseases, you must address the root causes of your substance abuse and mental health issues to gain recovery. You need to learn how to keep yourself healthy for the long term. Psychotherapy programs address all of these needs.

Whether you suffer one of these problems or all three, you need treatment from a quality outpatient psychotherapy program. Having multiple physical and mental health problems like these necessitates dual diagnosis treatment. In dual diagnosis care, your co-occurring disorders receive treatment at the same time, and through many of the same therapies.

Psychotherapy programs help you gain an understanding of why you started abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. You learn about your mental health problems, including how mental health affects your substance abuse or pain and vice versa. Psychotherapy programs in Tennessee teach you the signs of relapse and provide you with the skills you need to prevent that relapse.

Types of Psychotherapy

Your rehab psychotherapy programs in Tennessee include multiple methods and approaches. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this talk therapy. Instead, your treatment team and therapists develop an individualized treatment plan designed to meet your unique needs. This plan often includes individual, group, and family therapies.

Some of the types of psychotherapy programs Tennessee you possibly need include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) CBT helps you understand the connection between your unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, as well as how these influence your substance abuse. This method then helps you to replace these harmful thoughts and behaviors with healthy ones.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) DBT is a variation of CBT in which you learn new skills for daily living. These skills focus on stress management, emotions management, and relationship improvement.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) EMDR uses eye movements and stimuli to help you reprocess memories of past trauma to heal from those traumatic events. After successful EMDR, your memories stop triggering you to act out or behave in an unhealthy manner, such as through substance abuse.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy Relationships are your support system. They support your need for a healthy recovery from addiction or mental health problems. In interpersonal psychotherapy, you heal issues in your relationships and learn to build healthier relationships with important people in your life.

Integrative Psychotherapy Therapists today use a mix of methods to help clients overcome their problems. Many incorporate holistic methods or other approaches into outpatient psychotherapy treatment.

Tennessee Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Talk therapy is a significant part of your mental health, pain, and addiction treatment in Tennessee. But it is not the only type of care you need. Other programs and methods essential to your recovery include:

Encore Health Group understands your struggles with substance abuse, pain, and mental health problems. Whether you suffer one of these issues or all three, you find the help and recovery you need through Encore Health Group of Tennessee. Make an appointment with Encore Health Group today to learn the role of psychotherapy programs in your individualized treatment. By taking this first step into talk therapy and other care, you broaden the potential for your whole life, so talk to a caring counselor now.