woman and doctor, chronic pain management program TennesseeLiving with constant pain is no way to live. Functional pain can be beneficial. It tells you that something is wrong and that you need to correct the problem. For example, it may warn you that you have put your hand on a surface that is hot or that you have sprained a muscle and need to rest. At Encore Health Group, a chronic pain management program in Tennessee, we understand how difficult living with chronic pain can be. We’d like to help.

Pain that is present beyond a reasonable period of time is no longer functional. It has become chronic pain, which is dysfunctional. Chronic pain can come in many forms, including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Post-trauma pain
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Neurogenic pain
  • Psychogenic pain
  • Cancer pain
  • Arthritis pain

Our Chronic Pain Management Program in Tennessee Understands Chronic Pain

The experience of living with chronic pain is very personal, and no two people who visit us at Encore Health Group experience it exactly the same way. An individual dealing with relapsing remitting MS, for example, may experience pain fluctuations throughout the year. Some have described it like shooting bolts of electricity through their bones or like having a hot needle go through the middle of the bone.

An individual with sacroiliac joint dysfunction may experience pain in a completely different way. It may start in their lower back with almost no cause. When they sit, they feel pain that just does not go away. Driving, sleeping, and living life become a nightmare.

It is not uncommon for people experiencing chronic pain to try a variety of techniques to make their pain go away. They may purchase a new bed, try different types of exercises, and try a number of treatments with little to no success. In addition to being physically draining, chronic pain can affect people emotionally.

The Emotional Impact of Living With Chronic Pain

At Encore Health Group, we have seen firsthand the emotional toll living with chronic pain can have on people visiting our chronic pain management clinic in Tennessee. Chronic pain stops you from living your life and doing the things that you want to do. This impacts your self-esteem and can cause you to feel anxious, frustrated, and depressed.

Chronic pain and depression can form a constant cycle. When you are in pain, you feel depressed. Feeling depressed makes your pain worse, which deepens your feelings of depression.

Chronic pain interferes with your sleep. When you can’t sleep, your stress levels rise, which leads to a greater sense of anxiety. The inability to sleep increases your anxiety, makes your pain feel stronger, and starts the cycle again.

Our Chronic Pain Management Clinic in Tennessee

We have worked with many patients at Encore Health Group who have had the unfortunate experience of hearing from their healthcare providers that their pain was not real. Nothing can be more devastating to a chronic pain sufferer than to hear that a healthcare provider doubts the validity of their pain.

We build our pain management program on the idea that all pain is real. It is not our job to doubt, judge, or label our clients. It is our responsibility to do the best that we can to help them. We do this by offering a number of management solutions, including:

Pain can affect many areas in your life. Our goal is to work with you in creating a multidisciplinary individual treatment plan. We design our plans to meet your unique goals by including therapies and procedures to help you achieve pain recovery. We understand that pain recovery means that you will be able to live a happy, full, and fulfilling life.

Encore Health Group wants to help you live the best life possible. Contact Encore Health Group in Tennessee today to learn more about our pain management treatments. We have five locations surrounding Chattanooga, Tennessee.