Opioid addiction is one of America’s most significant health problems today. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that over two million people started abusing prescription painkillers in 2015 alone. Many of these people started using these medications after surgery and with a doctor’s prescription. So to improve patient outcomes after surgery and prevent these addiction problems, many doctors recommend Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.

What is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery?

Man speaking to therapist learns about enhanced recovery after surgeryEnhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a method of naturally and safely reducing pain in surgical patients, instead of giving them opioid drugs for an extended period of time. Hospitals using these methods hope to prevent opioid abuse and addiction in these patients. ERAS also helps them recover faster with shorter stays in the hospital and fewer complications.

Encore Health Group is interventional pain management centers Tennessee offers that have enhanced recovery methods for people preparing for surgery. This program enables you to participate in your own recovery planning. It also improves your comfort and reduces the stress you experience before and after your procedure.

Your Enhanced Recovery plan is fully customizable for your unique needs. Your care team creates the plan with you, based in part on your age, health, and type of surgery. Whenever possible, your surgery includes regional anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. You still receive non-opioid pain relief when needed, such as from acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and nerve pain medication.

Why should I seek Enhanced Recovery?

Goals of Enhanced Recovery include helping you maintain your pre-surgery energy levels after the procedure. You also get to eat and drink within hours of your operation. In fact, food and water play a big role in helping you recover faster and with fewer painkiller doses, if any. Movement after surgery plays a significant role in your recovery, too.

Encore Health Group surgery recovery centers Tennessee show great patient results from these programs. Throughout the U.S., patients using these methods enjoy lower care costs. Up to 50 percent fewer complications occur for people in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery programs, also. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that patients using ERAS stayed in the hospital for almost half as long as patients using opioid drugs in recovery.

Choosing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery enables you to stay alert in recovery, communicate better, and keep moving. The opposite is true if you use opioid drugs to fight pain. You could risk addiction to opioid medications. Unlike with opioids, you do not suffer drug-related nausea, vomiting, and constipation when using Enhanced Recovery methods, either.

Where Do I Learn about Enhanced Recovery and Pain Management for my Surgery?

When you expect to go through surgery, approach your procedure, and recovery in a healthy, thoughtful manner. Get the help you need from Encore Health Group in Somerville.

Encore Health Group’s surgery recovery centers Tennessee provides understand precisely how pain affects daily living. So the services you receive before and after surgery help you manage your pain and live a more fulfilling life. Services and methods used by Encore Health Group include:

You deserve a better quality of life after surgery. So before you accept the use of addictive pain medications, consider options that improve your recovery experience and keep you safe from many opioid risks. Make an appointment with Encore Health Group now to learn about Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.