Is pain keeping you from participating in activities that you used to enjoy? Have you noticed that the fear of discomfort is preventing you from being as social as you used to be? At the same time, opioid pain management techniques haven’t worked as well as you thought. Then let Encore Health Group therapists offer interventional pain management as a viable alternative.

Dealing with Recurring Pain

Your pain may be the result of an injury or a progressive health condition. Similarly, it might be a chronic condition that you’re managing right now. Besides that, there’s acute pain that comes on suddenly but is unpredictable and typically doesn’t last long. Each type of discomfort could respond well to interventional pain management.

What’s Interventional Pain Management?

Young woman in need of interventional pain managementEncore Health Group experts work with you to block the pain. However, they won’t use opioid pain pills right away. Some people don’t want to start them. Of course, others don’t respond well to them.

Therefore, no matter what your reasons are, it’s possible to use interventional pain medicine as a way to regain your lifestyle. Modalities might include:

  • Spinal cord stimulation, which addresses chronic pain with the help of an electrical current that counteracts pain signals
  • Steroid injections that numb pain for prolonged periods
  • Acupuncture for the introduction of energy stimulation at targeted areas of the body
  • Nerve blocks, which interrupt pain signals at particular parts of the body
  • Chiropractic care that focuses on proper spinal alignment, which can relief several types of pain
  • Radiofrequency ablation as a way to deal with arthritis pain and similar discomfort

Beyond Customized Interventional Pain Management

The interventional pain management centers Tennessee locals can count on also emphasize the importance of care customization because one type of pain block or control may not work for everyone. Therefore, it makes sense to tailor treatment to your unique needs. As an outpatient interventional pain management provider, Encore Health Group specialists work with you on this customization.

Most importantly, there also may be additional care options you could benefit from. For example, psychological counseling. Some pain signals are the results of stress. Therefore, you might be holding in stress from depression or anxiety and its symptoms.

When an expert in the field assesses you for possible participation in psychotherapy, it opens another avenue of healing. You might benefit from talk therapy, group sessions, and medication. In the process, you may be able to release some of the stress that you’ve been holding on to. In this way, it can contribute to interventional pain medicine.

Moving forward with a Medication Therapy Management Plan

In some situations, medication therapy can also combine with interventional pain management. At the acute pain treatment centers Tennessee can trust, Encore Health Group therapists help you make sense of your options. It includes honest conversations about the safety of the prescription drugs you’re thinking of taking. Most importantly, an expert checks for unwanted interactions with other medications you currently take.

From there, the specialist creates a medication treatment plan. It outlines the scope of the therapeutic intervention and the procedure for making changes in the future. Outpatient interventional pain management might then also include patient training to administer the drugs at home.

Getting the Pain Care You Need

Encore Health Group, interventional pain management centers Tennessee relies on, wants to help you. If it’s been too long that you’ve struggled with pain, there could be a way out. Find out how interventional pain management could make a significant difference in your quality of life today. Call 731-265-6946 now to schedule an appointment.