The human body is miraculous, even having the ability to heal itself from many conditions or injuries. Similarly, regenerative medicine takes advantage of this healing ability. It can restore or replace damaged cells, tissues, and also organs with properly functioning ones. Regenerative injection therapy (RIT) is one such method. It uses injections for treatment of connective tissue injuries, with the goal of permanently relieving your pain as well as improving your functioning.

Regenerative injection therapy from Encore Health Group’s back pain treatment center in Tennessee helps your body repair its weakened and torn tissues. Many people benefit from RIT each year, including those suffering from the effects of osteoarthritis, sprains, tears, degenerative hip and knee disease as well as chronic tendonitis. It also treats tennis elbow, back and neck pain, disc or facet degeneration, joint instability, accident injuries, degenerative knee cartilage, and partially torn ligaments, tendons or cartilage.

How Does Regenerative Injection Therapy Work?

Doctor explaining regenerative injection therapyRIT is a nonsurgical procedure. It involves the injection of a natural agent near injured areas on your body. This triggers inflammation, then causing more blood to flow to the injured region. Because most connective tissue injuries occur where blood supply is poor, the injection response gives your body what it needs to start healing.

As a result of the increased blood flow, new ligament or tendon fibers grow around the injection area. Natural healing works even better through the addition of specific agents to the RIT. For your particular injury, your RIT may include growth hormone (HGH), testosterone, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or stem cells. Repeated treatments keep the process in motion over time, helping your body build up its strength and healing to reduce or relieve your pain.

What Do PRP, Stem Cells, Hgh, and Testosterone Do for an Injury?

In some regenerative injection therapy in Tennessee, Encore Health Group uses platelet-rich plasma. PRP comes from your own blood, a sample having a high concentration of platelets. Because platelet activation enables wound and soft tissue healing, PRP regenerative injection therapy promotes healing of your muscles, joints, and ligaments. It also helps with musculoskeletal issues.

HGH and testosterone help your body heal and regenerate tissue. Using both of these hormones in your regenerative injection therapy in Tennessee enhances regrowth of damaged cartilage. These RITs also help strengthen weakened connective tissue. This relieves your pain and returns stability to joints.

Stem cells added to RIT help repair, reprogram, replace or renew damaged or diseased cells. They achieve this by a process called differentiation. In essence, the stem cells develop into the types of cells needed, such as brain cells, skin cells, or lung cells. They can differentiate into a wide variety of cells to aid in the healing of a wide range of injuries.

How You Receive RIT

Your regenerative injection therapy takes place with ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance. Each of your two or three sessions only takes about 30 minutes. Performed about a month apart, your sessions of regenerative injection therapy Tennessee at Encore Health Group enable your body to fully respond to each treatment. In only a few sessions, you start noticing a real difference in your pain.

Although you experience some stiffness and soreness for a few days after treatment, you can expect long-term benefits. Physical therapy after completing regenerative injection therapy helps you strengthen and improve even more.

Will RIT Work for Me?

The best way to know if RIT provides an option for your treatment is to talk to the professionals of Encore Health Group. In five locations around Chattanooga, Tennessee, Encore Health Group offers a range of treatments and services, including:

You can stop living a limited life in pain by taking back the happier and more fulfilling lifestyle you once enjoyed. Specialists of Encore Health Group offer a multitude of services to help you safely achieve your pain management and recovery goals. Learn more about pain management and regenerative injection therapy by scheduling an appointment with Encore Health Group today.