Over 20 percent of American adults report that they suffered from chronic pain in the past year. Sadly, far too many of these individuals don’t get the care they need. If you’re searching for the best pain management Tennessee can offer, Encore Health Group might be the right choice. Check out the advantages of chronic pain treatment centers and determine whether their programs could help improve your life and your health.

Defining Chronic Pain

Counselor and client discussing options at Tennessee chronic pain treatment centersBefore you can argue over the merits of chronic pain treatment centers, you have to explain chronic pain. One way to describe chronic pain is any pain that lasts longer than 24 hours. However, a more commonly accepted definition is recurring and ongoing pain.

If you are injured while playing sports but you feel back to normal within a week, then you might not be experiencing chronic pain. However, an injury that causes pain every few days or weeks for years at a time would definitely qualify as chronic pain. If the pain is detracting from your life in any way or limiting your daily activities, then it is a problem that needs to be managed.

Causes of Chronic Pain

One of the most challenging aspects of treating chronic pain is that it can come from a wide range of sources. There is no one single cause of chronic pain. At the best Tennessee chronic pain treatment centers, medical professionals will try to get to the root cause of the pain.

Sometimes, chronic pain can be eliminated through appropriate medical care. If an injury wasn’t treated correctly in the past, for example, medical care might be able to begin a more effective healing. Sometimes, however, the emphasis is on pain management instead.

One of the most common causes of chronic pain is lower back discomfort. Plenty of people also cite neuropathy, arthritis, migraines, and fibromyalgia as the sources of their chronic pain. You might have a chronic condition, or you might be dealing with a recent injury. Whatever the cause, you don’t have to live with the pain.

Side Effects of Chronic Pain

The most noticeable side effect of chronic pain is the pain and discomfort itself. Obviously, being in pain is not a good way to live your life. However, a chronic pain treatment program will also reduce or eliminate some of the additional side effects that can stem from chronic pain.

It is common for people with chronic pain to avoid certain activities. You might not be able to work full time, or you might not take part in exercise or playing outside with your family. You may also turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to deal with chronic pain, or you might have a dependence on prescription painkillers. To treat these side effects, you first need to address the pain itself at chronic pain treatment centers.

The Risks of Dealing with Chronic Pain on Your Own

Every year, plenty of people bypass Tennessee chronic pain treatment centers and try to deal with the pain on their own. This creates plenty of problems, and it can even lead to addiction. Often, clients try to self-medicate with painkillers and other dangerous substances. Over time, it is easy to develop a dependence on these drugs.

Without help from chronic pain treatment centers, you could also do more damage. Some therapies and techniques should only be offered under medical supervision. Without the right knowledge and experience, something as simple as a massage might actually worsen your pain. In most cases, this just isn’t worth the risk.

Finding Effective Chronic Pain Treatment Centers

As you’re looking at various Tennessee chronic pain treatment centers, pay attention to Encore Health Group. With multiple locations throughout Tennessee, Encore can offer a chronic pain treatment program that is genuinely effective. Programs focus on the individual, not the symptoms. You can expect all of the following with your program:

If you’re battling chronic pain, then chronic pain treatment centers can help. At Encore Health Group locations throughout Tennessee, you can learn how to manage chronic pain effectively. Make an appointment and get back control over your life.