There’s a major need for good-quality dual diagnosis treatment centers. Mental health and wellness don’t receive the focus they should. Therefore, few people seek help when they experience symptoms of problems. Encore Health Group therapists want you to know that there’s hope when you struggle with addiction and mental illness.

What’s a Dual Diagnosis?

Man speaking during group therapy at one of the dual diagnosis treatment centers in TennesseeTherapists refer to the combination of substance abuse and mental illness as a co-occurring condition. At clinics, we call it a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis treatment centers Tennessee can count on help you manage the condition and heal from addiction. Frequently, the underlying mental health concern fuels chemical dependency.

Connecting the Dots: Mental Health Disorders and Substance Abuse

Dual diagnosis treatment centers routinely work with adults who initially didn’t realize that they needed mental wellness treatments. Statistics prove that about one in five adults deals with mental illness. Schizophrenia affects 1.1%, while bipolar disorder strikes 2.6% of adults.

PTSD and anxiety disorders are more common. Approximately 18.1% of adults experience them. Of those who struggle with mental health disorders, 50.5% also have substance abuse problems. There’s no denying the need for dual diagnosis treatment centers Tennessee locals can count on.

How Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Help You Heal

When chemical dependency threatens to cost you everything you care about, it’s time to stop the behavior. However, when a personal mental health crisis fuels the habit, it’s challenging to do so. That’s where Encore Health Group helps you connect the dots. Our therapists empower you to manage the mental health challenge.

Besides that, they assist you with healing from substance abuse. Treatment approaches include:

  • Medication-assisted therapy as a tool for withdrawal management of acute and post-acute symptoms
  • Medication management that enables you to handle your condition without falling victim to prescription drug addiction
  • Mental health counseling that gives you the chance to meet confidentially with a therapist
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment that focuses on anxiety, PTSD, depression, or any other concern you have
  • Group and one-on-one therapy for substance abuse disorders that encourage relapse prevention

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a tool that therapists at our dual diagnosis treatment centers use to build coping skills. For some program participants, stressors lead to dysfunctional responses. There’s a disconnect between feelings and thoughts. It results in self-medicating behavior.

However, it’s possible to pinpoint these dysfunctions. When you recognize them, they’re often quite simple to fix. Therapists work with you on developing the right set of coping skills for doing so. Similarly, you learn how to apply these skills in real life.

Family therapy is another facet of care at our dual diagnosis treatment centers. Those who are closest to you need help, too. Frequently, substance abuse and mental health problems lead to miscommunication. You say things you don’t mean.

Because you don’t know how to express what’s going on inside you, others might jump to conclusions. Our therapists help you reconcile with loved ones. Most importantly, they learn how to become a vibrant part of your support network. At the same time, they heal with you.

How to Reach out for Assistance

There are plenty of ways that Encore Health Group can serve you. Cases in point are the acupuncture therapy centers Tennessee relies on that assist with stress relief. This particular care approach also reduces or eliminates stress-related pain. You may not realize that mental health problems resulted in these sensations.

Because we customize our care approaches to meet your unique needs, reaching out for help starts with a conversation. It’s a comfortable, relaxed meeting that gives you a chance to say what’s on your mind. You explain what the needs are that you see right now. Our therapists listen, take notes, and ask questions.

Once we believe that we understand your needs, we discuss a care protocol with you. You’re in control of your care at all times. If there’s a treatment that you’re not sure about, simply say so. Our goal is to return you to the sense of wellness that boosts your quality of life.

The Encore Health Group dual diagnosis treatment centers are just a call away. Schedule your appointment today.