Anxiety is a natural part of our biological system. Our ancient ancestors depended on it escape the real dangers of life, such as attack from a predator. While most of us don’t face the same types of threats that our ancestors did, we might still experience anxiety. While some degree of anxiety is normal, extreme amounts can inhibit daily life. When anxiety becomes debilitating, you need the help of an anxiety treatment program in Tennessee.

Understanding Anxiety

doctor recommending anxiety treatment center program in Tennessee to womanAnxiety is a natural human response to danger, but this does not have to be a reaction to physical danger. Anxiety can arise out of fear of an emotional loss. This can be the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or perhaps loss of public reputation as with a fear of public speaking. Anxiety is a response triggered when the mind projects an expected outcome into the future and attaches a negative consequence to it. This negative consequence can be real or imagined.

The body is not designed to stay in this state of heightened awareness for long periods. Anxiety causes physical changes, such as pulling blood from the outer surfaces to the core to allow the heart to be ready to escape. Stress can also make you feel foggy because the brain assigns less importance to tasks that are not immediately involved in the physical escape. The senses heighten to the world around and less focused on internal tasks. If the body remains in this state of increased awareness for long periods, it can lead to serious illness, including heart attacks or strokes.

Many causes of anxiety exist that are both mental and physical. Sometimes anxiety relates to pain or medication. Pain-related anxiety needs a different approach to treat the physical component, too. Spectrum pain clinics in TN benefit pain-related anxiety. Often, anxiety links to other mental health disorders. Fortunately, you can get anxiety treatment for mental health disorders in TN. The key is to know when to seek treatment and when it will be likely to go away on its own.

When to Seek an Anxiety Treatment Program in Tennessee

From time to time, everyone experiences anxiety as a result of a stressful event. For most, anxiety will go away within a few hours, or as soon as the stressful event has passed. We are not wired to remain in a high state of alert all the time. For some, anxiety does not go away and can interfere with their daily activities.

Some people might also experience a more severe reaction in the form of a panic attack. A panic attack can involve intense physical reactions such as rapid breathing, sweating, trembling or an increased heart rate. Others experience chronic, long-term conditions that are less severe. These include social anxiety, separation anxiety, or generalized anxiety.

Even if you or a loved one does not experience a full-blown panic attack, it can have a significant effect on the ability to function in life. It can lead to sleep loss, poor decision making and can cause irritability. These can affect their job, education and family relationships. If anxiety is affecting the person’s life in any of these areas, it is time to seek treatment at an anxiety treatment center TN. You can get anxiety treatment with either talk therapy, medications or both, depending on each person’s needs.

Finding Anxiety Treatment Programs in Tennessee

Anxiety is different for those over 50 than for other age groups. When searching for the right anxiety treatment program Tennessee, many people over 50 need other services, too. Finding a place that offers comprehensive treatment services is the best approach. Many times, these other conditions linked to anxiety.

Our services include:

  • Mental Health treatment
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You do not need to let anxiety control your life.  Contact us and we can help you take your life back.