Man undergoes a session of individual therapyIf you suffer from distress that interferes with your everyday life, individual therapy could help you. For example, you might feel sad or have negative thoughts about yourself. When these problems disrupt your relationships or ability to function, you shouldn’t wait to get help. Thankfully, individual therapy programs are available in Tennessee.

The Purpose of One-on-One Counseling

Individual or one-on-one therapy is a joint process between you and a therapist to help you overcome a problem. Your problem could be behavioral, physical or emotional. Some examples include anxiety, anger, substance abuse, addiction or relationship challenges. The goal is to inspire change that improves your quality of life so that you’re happier and healthier.

When you look for counseling, Tennessee mental health treatment centers might refer to it as psychotherapy or psychosocial therapy. Along with talk therapy, all of these phrases refer to counseling. Using various techniques, counselors help you overcome obstacles and boost your confidence and positive emotions. They can teach you skills so that you can handle challenging situations, achieve your goals and make healthy decisions.

Common Types of Individual Therapy

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 20 percent of adults could have mental health disorders. However, not all of them get help. While some of them want to avoid the stigma that surrounds therapy, others don’t know what to expect. Learning about some of the most common forms of individual mental health therapy can prepare you for treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is one of the most effective and popular techniques that therapists use in individual therapy programs. It helps you see the connection between your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. In fact, it works on the basis that distorted feelings and thought patterns result in negative responses to situations. When you replace these distorted elements, your behavior naturally becomes more positive.

For instance, you might have depression or anxiety because you think that your day will end badly. This gloomy thought could influence your decisions or focus throughout the day. Then, you might feel even worse if something doesn’t go exactly as you plan. It empowers the negative belief and traps you in a cycle that affects everything that you do and feel.

Through individual therapy in Tennessee, you learn how to stop this cycle. Between sessions, a therapist might have you write in a journal, practice mindfulness, or use mental, physical or social exercises. These activities reinforce what you’ve learned.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

As another popular individual therapy, DBT is a comprehensive type of CBT. It focuses more on accepting situations and making changes to solve problems. Your therapist also develops techniques that help you achieve goals and improve your well-being.

For this individual therapy in Tennessee, the therapist incorporates five key components. Capability enhancement improves upon your existing distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and other skills. Generalization involves applying your skills in all settings.

Another component that this individual therapy uses is motivational enhancement. It focuses on reducing problem behaviors that have a negative impact on your quality of life. Environment structuring ensures that you get positive reinforcement. Finally, the therapist receives support from other experts to prevent burnout.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is an individual therapy that teaches mindfulness so that you can live in accordance with your values. It also involves learning how your own actions create challenges. Then, you learn how to deal with these challenges.

In order to achieve these goals, this individual mental health therapy involves six core processes. These include developing creative hopelessness, accepting emotional experience and choosing a life direction. Since these processes overlap, they develop over the course of the sessions.

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