two women chatting about individual counseling program TennesseeHere, at Encore Health Group, we offer an individual counseling program in Tennessee that will help you with your mental health disorders and recovery. Leading to a better sense of wellness, the individual therapy services that we provide include the following:

Our Individual Counseling Program in Tennessee Can Help You

Your mental health is an important factor in your daily life and should not be overlooked when the symptoms interfere with you and those around you. Family and loved ones are often the first people to notice your mental health issues. Seeking support, when it comes to mental health, is a smart thing to do.

Setting goals to obtain individual counseling in Tennessee can help begin the process of recovery. Sharing what is on your mind is important for adults as well as young adults. At Encore Health Group, our belief is that everyone deserves whole-person wellness.

Our Individual Counseling Program in Tennessee Helps You Share and Grow

You may be struggling with anxiety and have persistent fears and worries. With treatment, you can learn how to overcome the type of anxiety that is a problem. Whether you suffer from social anxiety or general anxiety, you can benefit from therapy and treatment.

When you become a patient at Encore Health Group, your mental health counseling services might include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which involves you talking about your feelings and thoughts, or dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), a kind of psychotherapy that focuses on the psychosocial aspect of treatment. We also offer acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), which is another type of individual therapy that teaches mindfulness and helps you create strategies to change your harmful behavior.

Individual counseling in Tennessee might be used with group counseling or family therapy after you have undergone individual treatment. Distress need not upset your daily life. You can have a happier life with the help of individual therapy. Gloomy thoughts can quickly lead to gloomy days, so it is wise to alter this pattern of negative thoughts with the help of therapy and individual counseling in Tennessee.

Learn More About Our Mental Health Treatment

Our programs for mental health treatment in TN can help you begin overcoming a variety of mental health issues, including:

You may be shy about the idea of therapy, or you might not know anything about available therapies at all. Encore Health Group offers different types of therapies and treatment programs that can meet your unique and individual needs.

Encore Health Group also offers a dual diagnosis program to deal with mental health issues that coexist with addiction. Our highly trained therapists can offer hope when you struggle with both addiction and mental health disorders.

You will be evaluated when you come to Encore Health Group, and you will then be treated as an individual with specific treatment methods tailored to promote your wellness and personal growth. Better balance in your life is made easier when your symptoms are controlled. Behavior affects your life every day, and you want to be happier and more effective, which can even lead to better relationships.

Don’t let mental health issues control your life. You can find healing by meeting with one of our qualified counselors on an individual basis. Contact our professionals at Encore Health Group in Tennessee and we will help you get on the road to better mental health and a happier life.