Most people aren’t aware that there’s a strong link between mental health and substance abuse. In fact, that’s why mental health and substance abuse treatment centers offer both in Tennessee. However, most people aren’t sure what the link between these two seemingly different problems is. Understanding both is critical in helping people overcome or prevent addiction.

Are Substance Abuse and Addiction the Same?

Therapist speaking to her client at one of the mental health and substance abuse treatment centers in TennesseeFirstly, that’s important to note that substance abuse and addiction aren’t the same. With that said, substance abuse typically transforms into addiction when people don’t seek help. The most significant difference between them is that people still have a choice when they abuse drugs. Addiction robs them of this choice.

However, there’s usually some underlying problem that causes both issues. Most people don’t wake up one day and choose to abuse substances. They do it in order to get relief from an underlying problem such as a mental disorder.

Thankfully, Tennessee mental health and substance abuse treatment centers understand this fact. For that reason, they create custom treatment plans to help people deal with substance abuse before it becomes an addiction. In order for that to work, though, they have to seek out substance abuse treatment.

The Link Between Mental Health Problems and Substance Abuse

Why are Tennessee mental health and substance abuse treatment centers so crucial in the fight for sobriety? The main reason is that mental health disorders and substance abuse go hand in hand. However, not everyone who has a mental health disorder abuses substances, and vice versa. Despite that, it’s more common than not for these two problems to occur together.

Sometimes, a mental health problem develops first. Because of that, experts refer to it as the root cause of substance abuse. In these cases, people use drugs and alcohol to cover up the symptoms of their mental health problem. Of course, the relief dissipates when the drugs leave their system.

As a result, people abuse drugs in order to get ongoing relief. In actuality, the only way to get real relief is to seek mental health treatment. Because of the social stigma surrounding mental health issues, few people ever seek help. Instead, they keep abusing drugs until they develop an addiction.

Why Seek Help From Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers?

There are many rehab facilities in Tennessee. Why should people look for ones that offer treatment for both mental health and substance abuse? The answer lies in dual diagnosis treatment.

This program deals with not only substance abuse but also underlying issues. Failure to deal with both typically results in relapse.

Think of the substance abuse problem like a plant. Sometimes, chopping down a plant at the base isn’t enough. People have to kill the roots in order to kill the plant. Substance abuse is the plant, and the mental disorder is the root.

Thankfully, mental health and substance abuse treatment centers in Tennessee can help. They can provide the right mix of treatment to help people overcome both problems.

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