Painkillers are among the most abused drugs in the United States, and Tennessee isn’t exempt from this crisis. As a result, the high rate of abuse makes finding a Tennessee painkiller addiction treatment center program essential to recovery. However, how do you find a reliable addiction treatment program in Tennessee? Fortunately, Encore Health Group makes the search easy.

Tennessee Painkiller Addiction Treatment Program

doctor meeting with woman to explain the Tennessee painkiller addiction treatment center programWhy do you need to search for a TN painkiller addiction treatment center? The main reason is that prescription drug abuse is on the rise all over the country. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that over 1,700 young adults died in 2014 because of prescription opioids. With the right help, programs can prevent deaths like these.

The key is to make an appointment with the right treatment center. Encore Health Group has five locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the surrounding area. Our goal is to provide painkiller addiction treatments that you can count on. For us, this means not only dealing with addiction but also managing chronic pain.

Unfortunately, the number of people who abuse painkillers continues to rise every day. One reason is the constant push from pharmaceutical companies for doctors to prescribe these drugs. Doctors try to cut off patients before they develop an addiction. However, that approach rarely works.

By the time doctors cut them off, they already have an addiction. Then, they turn to buy the pills illegally. Since illegal prescription drugs are expensive, they eventually switch to a cheaper alternative, which is usually heroin.

Focus on a Program that Offers Pain Management

When you look for addiction treatment in Tennessee, there are many choices to consider. However, one of the key elements is why you chose to take the painkillers in the first place. Typically, doctors prescribe drugs to manage pain. However, these pills aren’t a long-term treatment, so you must find another form of pain management in Tennessee.

If you struggle with addiction and can’t use prescription medications, you might feel like you have to live with the pain. However, Encore Health Group provides chronic pain treatment programs in Tennessee. Our program teaches you how to deal with the pain naturally without the need for drugs.

Learning how to deal with the pain naturally makes you less likely to relapse after treatment. The reason is that we help you address one of the core issues: why you abuse drugs. While other factors may contribute to your drug abuse, we must help you deal with the pain first. Then, Encore Health Group can help you address any other issues, such as an underlying mental illness.

Encore Health Group has a TN Painkiller Addiction Treatment Center You can Trust

Are you in need of addiction treatment in Tennessee? If so, reach out to Encore Health Group. We’ve helped people just like you fight back against addiction and reclaim their lives. We do so with the help of our caring staff and custom treatment programs. Some examples include:

At Encore Health Group, we understand that treating mental illnesses is important when it comes to overcoming addiction. In fact, addiction rarely, if ever, occurs alone. Typically, people struggle with underlying mental disorders as well. To recover, you must deal with any underlying mental issues that you have. Failure to do so increases your risk of relapse.

Don’t let prescription painkillers ruin your life or the life of someone you love. Get help for painkiller addiction today with Tennessee painkiller addiction treatment programs.