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Dealing With Anxiety at Work

Many People Are Dealing With Anxiety at Work

Workplaces can be a source of anxiety. Job duties, the pressure to produce, management styles, long hours and personalities all play a role in the anxiety employees may feel during the workday and beyond. There are many reasons that some employees remain at the same job for years while dealing with anxiety at work.

Some people may see anxiety as a small sacrifice when a job pays well and offers excellent benefits. Others with limited skills or those in fields where opportunities are very competitive may be afraid to leave for fear of being jobless for an extended period.

However, workplace anxiety can be counterproductive and hazardous to an employee’s mental and physical health. At Encore Health Group, we help people find treatment and solutions that can ease the pain of anxiety. The following are some specific situations that contribute to workplace anxiety.

Dealing With Anxiety at Work and the Pressure to Produce

In some work situations, salaries are determined by how much a worker produces within a time frame whether the employee works in a manufacturing environment or the service sector. The pressure to work fast while being accurate or providing excellent service can spark even more concerns, especially for people navigating this type of workplace while dealing with anxiety.

Workplace Politics and Anxiety

Politics in the workplace can cause uneasy feelings. Competition among co-workers can lead to backbiting and gossip. These actions may cause an employee to mistrust his or her colleagues. Mistrust can contribute to the suffering of people with anxiety in the workplace. As a result, a worker may become distracted and be unable to devote full attention to the job. People who are dealing with some types of anxiety may find that workplace politics exacerbate their condition.

Workplace Anxiety and Your Boss

Bosses with inadequate management or supervisory skills can be sources of anxiety. Some managers take a “my way or the highway” approach. They don’t value employee feedback and want things done their way even when there is a better way. These bosses tend to be micromanagers who seem to be insecure about allowing employees to work independently. Others are bullies who use scare tactics to keep employees in line. Working for any of these personalities can create anxious moments on the job. Employees may dread going to work because they fear they will make a mistake or say something that can get them fired.

At the other end of the spectrum are leaders who fail to deal with workplace problems. They seem to be afraid of making employees angry, and they tend to dismiss issues that eventually explode into significant problems and cause friction in the work environment. The lack of backbone shown by these bosses allows some employee actions to make others miserable.

There Is Help for Workplace Anxiety

Many people have found that seeking the services of anxiety treatment facilities help them overcome work anxiety. Workplace anxiety is a mental health issue. For that reason, some people are hesitant to seek treatment because of the stigma they associate with mental health treatment. However, no one should be discouraged about treatment that can free them from a condition that robs them of the freedom to excel at work or other activities. Individual counseling, group therapy and medication are all tools available to help individuals overcome anxiety at work. People who seek treatment for work anxiety usually find that they become happier and more productive while on the job.

Don’t dread going to work because of workplace anxiety when anxiety treatment centers can help you deal with the situations that make you anxious. Encore Health Group can help you face the anxiety-inducing problems at your workplace. You can gain knowledge and coping skills that will enable you to go to work fearlessly. You will have the confidence to do your job without feeling worried that you are going to say or do something that will put your job on the line. If you are experiencing work anxiety, call Encore Health Group today at .