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Best Ways to Care for a Loved One With Depression

Best Ways to Care for a Loved One With Depression

Maybe someone you love has been diagnosed with depression. Or maybe you’re just concerned because your loved one has been acting differently lately. Learn about the symptoms of the illness and the best ways you can support any loved one with depression at Encore Health Group.

By learning about available depression treatment centers in Tennessee, you can help them find the help they need.

What Are Some Warning Signs of Depression?

Many individuals currently suffer from depression or another mood disorder. Symptoms of depression include:

  • Sleeping more than they used to
  • Lack of interest in things that used to excite them
  • Losing or gaining weight
  • Difficulty focusing and paying attention
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Suicidal thoughts

Many of us will experience one or more of these symptoms at some points in our lives. Those with clinical depression, however, will have these symptoms last for months or longer if left untreated.

How Can I Support My Loved One With Depression?

We all want to help those we love when they’re in pain. Be aware that you won’t always notice results from their treatments right away. You may need to help your loved one be patient as they wait for their symptoms to recede.

Adjustments are sometimes made to medications and dosages before some patients find the right balance for their bodies. This is a lot to handle, so having supportive people who care about them can give your loved ones the motivation they need to continue on their path toward healing. Navigating the process of seeking treatment while also dealing with the effects of their disease at the same time might feel overwhelming to your loved one with depression. Having you by their side to lend a supportive shoulder and offer advice can be very helpful during a time like this.

What Kinds of Treatments are Available?

If you or someone you love has been experiencing prolonged symptoms of depression, make an appointment with your doctor. A primary care physician will be able to rule out any physical causes for some of the symptoms. The doctor may then refer your loved one to a mental health professional. These trained professionals can recommend the best treatment options for you. Those treatments typically include antidepressant medications, psychotherapy, or a combination of the two. Sometimes an outpatient clinic treatment program may be beneficial for those with severe depression.

More and more doctors are also now recommending holistic treatments to complement the traditional approaches of medication and talk therapy. Holistic mental health treatments might include meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and acupuncture.

What is the Link Between Depression and Substance Abuse?

Of those suffering from severe depression, some will also experience substance abuse. When a patient is suffering from a substance abuse disorder and a mental health disorder at the same time, we refer to this as a dual diagnosis. Regardless of whether the depression is a symptom or a cause of the substance abuse disorder, the two form a damaging cycle. The drugs can make depressive symptoms worse, which causes people to seek out even more addictive substances. Having a dual diagnosis can be challenging, but treatment exists. Outpatient clinics like Encore Health Group are designed to serve those who require dual diagnosis treatment.

You’re Not Alone. Find Support at Encore Health Group

It can be worrying to know that you have a loved one with depression. The good news is there are options available for them to seek help. If someone you love is suffering from substance abuse and depression, know that a brighter future is available. Contact Encore Health Group, and the trained staff at Encore Health Group will help your loved one develop a treatment plan that caters to their individual needs and treats all aspects of their disorders.