doctor discusses spectrum pain clinics TN with patientBeing in constant pain damages your everyday life. You feel unfulfilled, work less, avoid doing things you used to do and spend more time alone, in pain. Pain wreaks havoc on your lifestyle, finances, happiness, and future. Spectrum Pain Clinics in TN provide the pain help you need to get back to a more enriched, enjoyable and productive life.

About Pain Relief and Recovery

Pain management is either straightforward or unclear and complicated. A simple pain to manage is a back problem caused by a herniated disk. Irritated nerve roots cause pain to radiate down your leg. A condition like this responds well to steroid injections and physical therapy.

But maybe you suffer pain with unclear origins. Or maybe your pain started after an accident or because of another health condition. What is your fate with these types of pain? Is the rest of your life doomed to misery?

Chronic pain, pain that does not go away, requires specialized treatment and care. This treatment is not as simple as a painkiller prescription. That only masks your pain and does nothing to help it go away. If you have misused painkillers and want a better way to manage your pain, try our pain medication therapy management. Our program will make sure you receive proper dosages of the proper medicines at the proper time, as opposed to the unscrupulous doctors that have fueled our opioid epidemic.

You need caring, supportive and complete treatment from doctors and other professionals who understand your pain. You need Spectrum Pain Clinics in TN to provide you with an individualized treatment plan, one using healthy and safe methods for relieving and managing your pain. Accurate management of pain involves multiple approaches designed to treat the causes and symptoms of your pain. It also means addressing your mental and emotional needs as well as chronic pain.

Healthy Pain Treatment with Spectrum Pain Clinics in TN

Spectrum Pain Clinics in TN focus on proven methods of treating your pain for long-term improvement, reduction or relief. Many things add to your pain problems. Your physical and mental reactions to being in pain may also make your pain worse. With the help of caring Encore professionals, you receive what you need for less pain in your life.

Treatments for pain improvement, management, and relief include:

Pain affects many areas of your life. These effects require multiple methods of treatment as part of your individualized treatment plan. At Encore Health Group, your treatment plan focuses on goals specific to your unique needs and the procedures and therapies you need to achieve those goals. Achieving your pain recovery goals means living a better, happier and more fulfilling life.

Pain Treated at Encore

Encore treats people suffering from a wide variety of chronic and acute pain problems. These problems include back pain, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, neuralgia, sciatica, and many other conditions. They also include post-accident and injury pain, as well as pain after surgery.

Health conditions and diseases also cause pain. Some of these conditions include multiple sclerosis, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, and migraines. Encore specialists also focus on cancer-related pain and spinal cord spasticity.

The pain you suffer does not have to rule your life. You can gain relief, even if you failed to obtain quality pain treatment or individualized care in the past. Don’t give up on your pain treatment options. You simply need the right help.

Contact Spectrum Health Clinics in TN now. Call to make an appointment with caring professionals who want to help you have the better life you deserve.